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12 Volt Heaters and 12 volt blankets

12 volt heaters come in handy in many situations. If you should get stuck in your car on the side of the road, a 12 volt heater can save your life. It will keep you warm by blowing warm air into your car. There are many different forms of 12 volt heaters, including defrosters, interior heaters, ceramic heaters and much more.

12 Volt Heat Blankets

12 volt blankets plug into a 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter in your car, providing you with a warm blanket with ample heat. The 12 volt blanket is useful when camping, or for anytime you have to sleep in your vehicle. Whether in a car, van, or even on a motorcycle, as long as you have a 12 volt battery jack you'll have warm heat and survive in the cold winter.

12 Volt Heater Reviews

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