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Safe Space Heaters

Purchasing a safe space heater is very important. If you are purchasing an electric space heater they are generally OK. Some safety features though that you might want are auto turn off if knocked over, auto turn off if too hot. Those are features you might look for with an electric heater.

Gas & Propane Heater Safety

A gas heater or propane heater are very different, though. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a gas, propane or oil-filled heater or radiator. Firstly, if the unit should fall over, it may catch fire. Having an auto turn off if the heater falls over is imperative - if the unit dosen't have it, don't buy it. Then of course you may have to worry about carbon monoxide levels depending upon what you buy. The best heater units come with monoxide detectors that turn off if the levels get too high, or an alarm sounds. If your heater does not have one of these you can purchase one but we recommend getting one with a monoxide detector. It could save your life.

Safe Space Heater Reviews

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