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Oscillating Heater Fans

An oscillating heater fan simply means it turns. Many oscillating heater fans come with turn controls, to speed up the fan turning or to slow it down. Oscillating heater fans are sought after because they adaquately displace the heat in the room - instead of blowing it all in one spot, an oscillating fan will move and displace the heat or air as it moved.

It's a nice feeling as well to sit in front of an oscillating heater fan because you will feel the warm air, then the fan will move and turn direction, and you will feel nothing. Then when it comes around again, again you feel the warm air. This is a much nicer sensation then having a heater fan which does not oscillate. Non-oscillating heater fans mantain that steady stream of warm air that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Oscillating Heater Fan Reviews

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