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Heaters for your Home

What type of heater are you looking for? There are a number of different types of heaters. If you are looking for a heater for your home, you may be looking for an electric heater or a floor heater. Electric heaters use electricity to turn blower motors which dissipate warm air into the area. Floor heating is similar to central heat in that the heat comes up from your floorboards.

Heater Fans, Electric Heaters are low cost, but may require replacement

In terms of cost, space heaters or heater fans will be the cheapest to run in your home. When the heater breaks down you do have to go buy another one, but this only happens once every few years if you purchase a good heater. Many space heaters, electric heaters etc. come with warranties which cover the heater for 3-5 years from date of purchase. Be sure to check what warranty is offered before purchasing your heater.

Water Heaters - so you have hot water

We also have water heaters - these are different from other heaters offered on the site. Water heaters heat up the water in your home, so that you can have showers, drink tea, coffee, etc. The days are gone where you HAVE to purchase a jumbo water heater to go in your basement. We have more cost-effective options now, like portable water heaters, or smaller units that still do the job. By browsing Heaters on Sale we hope you find good deals on water heaters, discount units and ones that are cost-effective for you. In today's economy it's important to most to be able to cut costs at home.

Central Heating, Floor Heaters

A lot of people go for central heating when they move in. It's a one-time cost in terms of installation and is a solution for the entire home. If you don't have central heat, you have to move a heater around with you wherever you go in order to stay warm. We highly recommend central heating systems in your home.

Floor heaters are one of two types - ones that go under the floor, and ones that go over the floor. Under floor heaters are similar to central air. Floor heaters above ground are similar to space heaters, or electric heaters, they keep the place warm by heating up the air and blowing it around.

Heaters for your Home - Reviews

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