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Air Heaters

Air heaters, put simply, heat your air. We know it's a simple definition, but that's the case! Not a lot of explaning is required. Now, of course, you're likely either looking for an electric air heater, a gas air heater, or a propane air heater. There are benefits to each one, and sometimes disadvantages, which we list here.

Electric Air Heater/Electric Space Heater

Electric air heaters or space heaters have many advantages. The most useful is they plug into the wall outlet, so require no additional power source such as propane or gas. However, this can also be a disadvantage in a location that has no electricity, no available power plug or limited power by which to run an electric heater. And, of course, you will run up a bill with an electric air heater that you won't with a gas or propane heater.

Propane Air Heater/Propane portable space heater, Gas Air Heater

Propane air heaters are useful because they don't require power. Now, one disadvantage of course to using a propane or gas air heater is the fumes. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of the combustion process with propane or gas air heaters, so you need to crack a window all the time while one is in use. We really don't recommend sleeping with one because if the air becomes too thick, you will have no alarm or no way of knowing. If this is what you want to do make absoloutely sure you purchase a heater with a carbon monoxide detector, that can turn itself off if the monoxide levels get too high.

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