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Electric Tankless & Natural Gas Water Heaters

So, when you think water heaters, you probably think a huge cost associated with the concept. It's true; a water heater with a tank, like one that goes in your basement and does your whole house is going to cost you a pretty penny. But you can get a tankless water heater here for under $200 that can do hot water for your kitchen, bathroom and hand-washing sinks. We have one on this page produced by Bosch that is of excellent quality.

Thermo Pots

Thermo pots work much the same as a steam kettle. They basically warm up water for you. More advanced thermo pots (like those from Panasonic listed below) can keep water warm for hours, or remove chlorine from water for you in order to make your drinking water more healthy and better tasting.

Water Heaters for Sale

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