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Outdoor Gas & Propane Heaters

There are many different types of outdoor heaters that you can purchase. If you are wanting to warm your patio, you can purchase a propane patio heater that will keep your patio warm. There is also outdoor firepits, such as The Gas Can which works similar to that of an outdoor fire pit and keeps everyone warm. The Gas Can can also be used on a patio or wood deck as well.

We also have a Dayton portable natural gas heater. This unit delivers 15,000 BTUs and can cover an area up to 3,500 sq. ft. So no matter what you are looking for here, whether it be a simple outdoor propane heater like The Gas Can or a heavy duty heater for keeping a whole house (or huge backyard) warm, we have a variety of outdoor gas and propane heaters here that will definetely do the job.

Outdoor Gas & Propane Heaters on Sale

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