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Sunbeam Heaters

Sunbeam is a name associated with many products that have been extremely succesful. These products range from all kinds of different kitchener appliances to even backyard items. One of the first items was the Princess Electric Iron in 1921. The next was the Mixmaster mixer in 1930. This was the very first mechanical mixing machine ever produced. It had two beater blades that could detach, and the blades even interlocked. The design was very ahead of it's time and the company sold this product for the next 40 years. Sunbeam's luck continued in 1950 when they purchased the Rain King sprinkler company. Sunbeam went on then to make the most popular law sprinkler systems in the 1950s, and even well into the 1960s. This worked out quite well for Sunbeam, as at the end of the 1970s the company was up to 30,000 employees worldwide.

Unfortunately, the company's great success did not continue at this point. In 1981 Sunbeam was purchased by a company called Allegheny International. The factories in Chicago were mostly shut down and the headquarters of Sunbeam was moved out of Chicago. In the mid 1980s, the company was in decline. In 1987 there was a stock market crash and the company controlling Sunbeam filed for bankruptcy.

Another company picked up Sunbeam and its parent company in 1987. The company would consist of four divisions, and was segmented as thus going forward. By 1991, the company headquarters would move a number of times to eventually end up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At this time, the company was on the Fortune 500 list. It likely still is today.

Sunbeam has always been a company that produces a quality product. Often times, their products have been ahead of their time. This is still the case today, as Sunbeam appliances not only have a sleek look to them, but they also employ the latest technology to produce a quality product.

Sunbeam Heater Reviews

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