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Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

My air conditioner blower fan is not turning. Why?

Answer: The question is worded in such a way that it's hard to determine exactly what you are using in the home. Below we have answered the question in multiple ways, depending upon whether you are talking about the outside compressor unit, the inside fan in the basement, or something else.

If the outside AC box unit is not working

If the outside unit is not working, what is the problem? Is the unit not turning on? If the outside unit is not turning on, there could be a number of reasons for this. First of all, is there power going to the unit? Usually, when you turn on the AC unit in your home, you will hear a bzzz buzzing sound of the unit coming on. Do you hear that at all? Does the turbine blades attempt to spin up at all?

If the blades do not spin but you can hear a buzzing, the unit may be out of coolant. There is a gas that needs to be injected into air conditioners, this is called freons. If your AC unit has not had freons injected in 2 or more years, it may require these freons to be injected into the unit. If there is no sound coming from the unit at all, you may need to call a local repairman. He will check using meters what kind of compression exists within the unit and how much power the unit is getting.

If the unit constantly requires freons to be injected.

Then you have a leak in the unit. Typically you require freons to be injected into the unit once every 2-3 years, but should not require more often then that. If you have a leak somewhere inside the unit or inside the home, an air conditioning repair man will bring a tool which will be able to detect leaks in the system.

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