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How to Install Basement Vents

This was submitted from one of our site visitors. Hello, I am looking for the answer the following question and having some trouble. Do I vent air to the outside, using an exhaust fan or other ventilation fan in the wall? Or, do I setup a fan which brings in cool air from the outside - again, with a fan in the wall.

Answer from the experts: You'll want to vent out if what you're talking about is a bathroom. You need to have proper ventilation running to the outside. This often means a fan, an insulated wind tunnel running the air to the outside. Just putting a fan is not going to help - you need to have the proper insulated air tunnels.

Also any exhaust from your heater must be vented to the outside as well. If this is not done, or not done properly, the consequences can be not only hazardous to your health but also potentially fatal.

Basement Venting Products

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