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How to Fix Cold Water Flow Problems in the Home

I recently installed a new hot water heater. Now I have hot water flow but no cold water in the house. How did this happen and what should I do?

More then likely, the problem is not with your hot water heater or anywhere else. This is actually a simple problem. Probably what happened was, all the water in the home was turned off by valves or faucets when the hot water heater was being installed. You just need to determine what valves have been turned off, and turn those valves back on. Usually the valves to turn the water on will be located in the basement, or in the garage. In the basement, check inside of the closets. You water shut off valve may be located there.

Once you locate the proper valves to turn the water back on, it should be a simple matter of turning the water back on at these valves. If you cannot find the right valves, try checking it with the person who installed the hot water heater. If they turned the water off they will know how to turn it back on. You can also check with your home builder or a local contractor, usually they are pretty good at finding these things.

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