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How to fix Dodge Ram Heater Problems

I have a 2001 dodge RAM 1500. My heater keeps blowing cold air and I can't figure out how to fix the problem. The fan is working and the switches are also working. No leaks inside the hood or inside the cab. What should I do?


First of all, the issue may be related to your heater core, or one of the relays. If the blower motor is working that means your heater fan is working. So the air is getting distributed in the cabin, but it's not being heated up first. This could be a variety of different things, for the most part you'll need to hook the car up to a computer or diag machine in order to diagnose the problem. A diag computer may tell you an error code.

Then again it may not, because there are no lights on on the dashboard. For the most part  it's likely a better idea to take the car to a mechanic. It could be the heater core, but hopefully it's something smaller and not the core. A new heater core will cost hours of work and hundreds of dollars.

Another alternative to spending hundreds (and possibly more then a thousand) dollars repairing the problem would be to use a 12v heater for your car or truck. The 12v heater will generate warm heat inside the cabin, and then the fan will move it around. This may be a low cost alternative to

Dodge Ram Heater Problem Troubleshooting & Help

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