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Hot Water & Water Heater Related Questions

Question: I shut off the water to fix a leak with my hot water heater. Turned the water back on and water comes out of every faucet, but it won't come out of the kitchen sink. What do I do?

Often times if you are having a problem like this, it means that somewhere you have a quick release tap that has been shut off. In your basement you will have a quick release tap to turn off the water to your entire home. If you are getting water out of your other faucets, then this means that this release mentioned is working. However, if you can't get water out of your kitchen faucet or other, there may be a second quick release closer to the faucet affected. Look under your sink to determine if there is another quick release located there.

If there is no quick release located by the affected faucet, then you will need to check your other release valves in other places in your home. Most often times the release valve you need will be located in your basement. If you're really not sure which one it is it might be a good idea to call the plumber who did the job. They should do this for you for free as they should had made sure the other faucets in the house were working before leaving the job site.

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