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Aquarium Heaters

Yes, we do have aquarium heaters too! An aquarium heater is a little bit of a different thing to have on our website, that is true. However, it's very possible that by visiting this site, you might even be looking for an aqarium heter. Very possible, right?


What is the hottest aquarium heater?

Aquarium heaters can be up to 1000 watts. A 1000 watt aqarium heater can heat up to a 200 gallon tank. However, it's best to distribute your heat evenly in the aquarium. Instead o using one 1000 watt heater, try using three 300 watt heaters.

To determine the number of watts required to properly heat your aqarium, take the number of gallons the tank will hold, and multiply this number by five.


Aquarium Heater Reviews

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