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Heater Fans & Defrosters

When you get into your car in the winter time, it can be difficult to get your windshield to defrost. You spend a lot of time standing there and scraping your front and rear windshields, and you simply aren't able to get the darn thing to the point where you can drive safely. You have to sit there for ages and ages and wait for the windshields to defrost. It can take a long time because your car, truck or van can take a long time to heat up at first when you get into it and start it up.

You can get around this if you have a remote starter, but these cost a lot of money to install into your vehicle. Instead, the answer is simple: get an additional heater fan/defroster fan that plugs into your auxiliary input jack in your car. The extra defroster fan will get warm right away because it doesn't need to warm up like your engine does. With the additional heat coming from the defroster fan, your car will get warmer, quicker.

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