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Air Conditioner Compressor Replacement

How a compressor works

A compressor in an air conditioner is required to be working and running properly in order for the air conditioner to work. What the compressor does is compresses and displaces the air in your conditioning system. Without a compressor, there is basically no airflow in your system. The air will not move around properly and your air conditioner will probably not turn on at all. If it does turn on without a working compressor we recommend shutting it off until you fix it.

Air conditioner compressor replacement - do it yourself (DIY)

You can replace the compressor in the air conditioner yourself, but be careful. There will be high current systems within the air conditioner that can hurt you if you end up discharging the current the wrong way. Be very wary about touching parts or circuits  within the AC with a screwdriver. Wear rubber gloves or boots if at all possible. And be sure to consult the manual - that is the only way we recommend doing this yourself (DIY).

Air Conditioner Compressor Replacement Reviews

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